Our Story

The initial Vision for starting the Church at Park City flowed out of an experience with a family that former pastor Rob Schmutz was trying to reach.  This family had moved to Park City from a nearby community, and like so many families in our world today, was being torn apart by addiction.  Each week, as he came to minister to this family, Pastor Rob had more and more experiences with the community, interactions with law enforcement, and conversations with the people and families who know Park City as home.  It was as he experienced first hand the people and the needs of the town that God placed on his heart a burden to plant a church that had a passionate heart for the community that surrounded it.

In 2008, an application to plant a church in Park City, Kansas was submitted to the Kansas West Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.  Between 2008 & 2010, the initial groundwork of prayer walking, surveying and assessing the community, starting small groups, participating in community outreach opportunities and then selecting a place to identify as a ministry location was all undertaken.

In August of 2011, after identifying children as one of the primary areas of concern for the community, and realizing that Park City was in need of a preschool, we opened the Park City Christian Preschool and began ministering to children and families.

Then, in February of 2012, The United Methodist Church at Park City officially opened its doors for weekly Worship services.  In 2013, we expanded to two Sunday AM Worship times (9 & 11), and in 2014 we added an additional 7pm Friday Evening Worship experience called "New Generation Worship."

We since then have left the Methodist Denomination, and struck out where God was leading us. We are now considered a Non-Denominational ministry. We combined back to one service at 11am on Sundays and now focus our energies on our Youth outreaches which are on Wednesdays at 6, and meeting in each others homes to help with life and living life as a "Body Of Christ"!

Presently, we are envisioning what the future God has for us might look like, and we are prayerfully laying a foundation of small groups, home groups and personally significant, life building relationships.  Now is a great time for you and your family to jump in here at C@PC.  We truly are a great place for you to reconnect with God and with one-another.

We hope to see you in worship!