pastor Rob Schmutz

"From a crash and burn life... to becoming a lover of Jesus, a husband, a father, a pastor, and now a church planter, I just wanna live out Philippians 3:7-14..."

     Originally from Abilene, Kansas, Rob Schmutz is a United Methodist pastor with a vision for the renewal and revitalization in the United Methodist Church.  In 1989, Rob had a dramatic conversion experience in which he was delivered from a self-destructive lifestyle of alcohol and drug abuse.  Since that time, he has had a passion for sharing the good news of forgiveness, freedom, and deliverance that is available to anyone through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

     In 1991, Rob graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Kansas State University, and in 1996 he completed his Seminary education with a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary.  In 1998, he was awarded the “Harry Denman Evangelism Award” and in 1999, was inducted into “The Order of the Flame,” an evangelistic association of the World Methodist Council.

     In his ministerial career, Rob has served rural, urban, and suburban churches.  Currently, Rob is the pastor of the United Methodist Church at Park City, a New Church Start on the North-East side of Wichita, KS.   Rob and his wife Angel live with their daughters Micah (18) and Genesis (15), and sons Zephaniah (7) and Ezra (2) near Haven, KS.

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